Nova Driving School

Nova Driving School is one of the top-rated driving schools in Chicago, with more than 20,000 yearly graduates and a 97% customer satisfaction rate. Along with classes for teens, the school offers adult driving classes, defensive driving courses and more.

School Info

Nova Driving School has locations in Chicago, Norridge and Evanston. The award-winning school has its own fleet of vehicles that they use for instruction, each of which is registered with the Illinois Secretary of State. Their vehicles go through weekly inspections to ensure safety, and they are all dual-control vehicles, which means that instructors have their own brake pedals.

Nova wants students to succeed, which is why they offer pickup and drop-offs for students within their coverage area. They can also provide transportation to the Secretary of State. Both English and Spanish speaking instructors are available to students.

The school offers a variety of classes for both teens and adults.

Adult Driving Classes

Nova offers nine adult driving classes, with options to meet every need and experience level.

Ultimate Beginner

The best option for adults who have zero driving experience. This course offers 12 hours of instruction and road test preparation. In addition, you’ll get to use the same vehicle you practice on for your road test.

Along with the basics, this course covers:

  • Defense driving
  • Parallel parking rules and skills
  • Highway ramp to ramp entering, exiting and merging

Adult Beginner, Intermediate and Advance

The Adult Beginner, Intermediate and Advance courses offer multiple hours of behind-the-wheel instruction and road test preparation. You’ll, of course, work with a licensed professional instructor to develop the skills you need to pass the test and get your license.

The amount of behind-the-wheel instruction depends on the level you choose:

  • Beginner: 8 hours 
  • Intermediate: 6 hours
  • Advance: 4 hours

Road Test Preparation w/Test

If you’re just looking for instruction on road test preparation, this course is for you. It includes two hours of behind-the-wheel instruction, which can even be done on the day of the exam. Students will be able to use Nova’s vehicle for the road test.


The 1HR BTW course is strictly for those who want some preparation for the exam and nothing more. The course includes prep from a licensed professional instructor and use of their vehicle for the road test.

Adult Program (8, 6 and 2 Hours BTW)

Nova also has three adult programs that include:

  • 8, 6 or 2 hours behind the wheel
  • Certificate of completion
  • State of Certification paperwork

Stick Shift Driving Academy

If you want to learn to drive manual vehicles, or a stick shift, Nova offers a few classes:

  • 2-hour package
  • 4-hour package

Students must already have a valid driver’s license to attend this course. Most students learn how to drive in just one lesson.

All stick shift driving academy courses are taught at the school’s Western Avenue location.

Defensive Driving Courses

Nova Driving School is authorized to provide instruction on the National Safety Council’s Defense Driving Courses. They are National Safety Council certified and offer the following courses:

Alive at 25

The Alive at 25 course provides 4 hours of instruction, with video and in-class instruction. This course is ideal for younger drivers that have license suspensions and traffic violations. It covers the risks that young drivers face, distracted driving, being a responsible driver, and state and local driving laws.

4 Hours and 8/6 Hours Defensive Driving Programs

The Defensive Driving Course comes with two options:

4 hours

  • 4 hours of instruction
  • How to reduce the risk of an accident with defensive driving tactics
  • The causes and prevention of collisions
  • How distractions affect your driving ability
  • How to identify and minimize aggressive driving
  • Four fatal driving behaviors

8/6 hours

  • 8/6 hours of instruction
  • Practical knowledge and techniques to avoid collisions
  • How to get employees to view safety on a more personal level
  • How drug and alcohol use affect driving and decision-making
  • The importance of safety inspections and maintaining vehicles
  • How to drive safely in unpredictable conditions

This course is ideal for companies that want to build a culture of driving safety.

Defensive Driving Course for Professional Truck Driver

Nova also offers defensive driving instruction aimed specifically at professional truck drivers. The six-hour course covers the following:

  • Defensive driving techniques and safe maneuvers to prevent collisions
  • How driver fatigue and stress affect truck operation
  • How to perform vehicle maintenance and inspection
  • Pre-trip inspections
  • How to complete a moral responsibility checklist
  • How to handle changing and hazardous road conditions


The Remedial course lasts four hours and is designed for students under the age of 25 who have had a license suspension and are required to take a Graduate to Safety course. Students will receive a Certificate of Completion at the end of the course.

Illinois Class C License

If you’re interested in learning how to drive a bigger vehicle that requires a Class C license, Nova offers instructional courses.

Four courses are available for Class C licenses, including:

Class C Written Exam

The Class C Written Exam course includes:

  • Rules of the Road instruction
  • Pre-trip inspections
  • Hazards of distracted driving
  • License classifications
  • Preparation for the written exam
  • Guaranteed to pass

Class C 2-Hours BTW

This course includes two hours of behind-the-wheel instruction using a proven method of teaching. You must have a valid instruction permit for a Class C vehicle in order to register for this program.

Class C 1-hour and 2-Hour BTW & Road Test

This Class C instruction course includes:

  • 1-hour or 2-hours of behind-the-wheel instruction
  • Road test preparation
  • Use of the school’s vehicle for the exam

You must already have a valid instruction permit in order to register for this course.

Highway & Parallel, Parking Lessons, Winter Driving

If you’re already a licensed driver and want to brush up on your skills, this course is for you. Nova offers three individual courses in this category:

  • Parallel parking and highway: Learn the rules of parallel parking on both sides, rules and techniques for merging, changing lane requirements and more.
  • Highway: Learn highway driving skills, like defensive driving techniques, how to change lanes properly, how to merge, following distances, emergency preparation, and ramp to ramp entering, exiting and merging.
  • Winter driving: Learn how to prepare your vehicle for Illinois winters, how to identify hazardous road conditions, how to operate a vehicle safely on snow and ice, correcting your steering in a spin or slide and more. The course includes two hours of instruction.

Whether you’re just getting your license, want to brush up on your skills or want to learn how to drive a Class C vehicle, Nova Driving School has a course for you.